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3 Must Have Apps to Start Couponing

When starting to Coupon, things may seem overwhelming. There are so many apps, sites, and resources. I have broken down the three main apps I used when first starting out to coupon. Getting started with these will help you jumpstart your money saving adventure and is easy enough to use and understand that it will not take much effort to learn.

    I absolutely LOVE this app! It is so simple to use and breaks everything down to the store you’ll be going to. There is even the Dollar Tree to save money at (yes, save extra money on already $1 items)!! You can scroll through all items or break it down to the department. When you’re at the store, you can select the item you’re wanting to get the coupon for and scan to verify it is the correct item! I love having that so you won’t have the issue of accidentally picking up the wrong count or size of an item!
    After you purchase, you simply take pictures of your receipt and scan any necessary items they require to verify. After collecting $20 of coupons, you can cash out in various ways. Super simple and user friendly!
    One perk I absolutely LOVE about this app is the added bonuses they have!! There are constant bonuses they give for shopping with their coupons! You can earn extra money after already saving with their coupons! Double (or triple) up when possible to get the most savings! I have saved over $100 in a month just with this one app! Your friends who use this app can also help collect extra bonuses! Using teamwork to save money!
    Get the app HERE and be sure to use my referral Code: tuyhgtv
    Checkout51 is another great app to start couponing with! It is similar to IBOTTA- you scroll through, select the coupons you would like to use, and scan your receipt. One thing that is a good bonus to Checkout51 is they have added extra savings on gas! There is also a pharmacy Prescription Savings Card to save up to 80% on your prescriptions! Even if you have insurance, just show them the card at the counter to get an even lower price!
    Just like IBOTTA, you can withdraw your savings once you hit $20. In this app, I feel the coupons are not quite as high value as IBOTTA, but with the added gas and prescription savings, it is definitely worth it!
    Get the Checkout51 app HERE!
  3. CVS (Or preferred Store for Couponing)
    When starting out couponing, I found that CVS was the easiest to start with to understand HOW the couponing works. In most of their adds, they will point out that there are additional savings in the Sunday Paper. They worked many of their sales around the coupons available. Getting the app has additional coupons from the store and manufacturer.
    In this app, you can select coupons you would like to use and ‘add’ them to your card. It keeps a digital version on your card so you don’t have to worry about losing the one on your keys!
    What is great about CVS is they have ExtraBucks Reward. These are extra rewards you can use on your next visit! So the coupons just keep rolling!
    However, if you do not have a CVS or want to start couponing at a different location, look for an app for that store. They will most likely have additional manufacturer coupons and store coupons available. Do a little research and find what store would be best for you to start!!!

These are my Couponing Starting Apps that I suggest for new Couponers! Hope that helps breakdown some pros and cons about the apps and find what you want to start out using!

Have you used apps to Coupon?! What are your favorite apps to use to save money!? I’d love to hear what other apps are there to save money and help make the ends meet!


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