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3 Ways to Save Money RIGHT NOW

Needing to cut costs right away!? I remember when all of the sudden I realized I was not making enough to pay my bills. Everything started stacking up. I had to prioritize my bills from what was most important (for me, rent), to what could be a little late but still wouldn’t affect my day to day life too drastically, to ones that could just be cut out all together. When doing this, here are ways I cut some costs RIGHT THEN. No work involved (other than maybe a phone call or couple clicks online).

  1. Go Through Your Accounts

Still have that gym membership, that you never use, activated? Cancel it. Signed up for a free trial but forgot to cancel it before it started charging? It’s not too late to cancel it. Realize you’re spending $40 a week stopping for coffee in the morning? Better start making it at home!

This might not be something that always finds anything to help cut costs, but it will see where your money is going so you can adjust accordingly. Every year or so, I try to do this. I go through my checking account and see where my money is going and make sure I don’t have anything coming out monthly that I don’t need or use. I actually did this a week or so ago and cut out $30 a month that I didn’t realize was being taken out (a gym membership and I was somehow paying twice for Disney+). Go through your charges and verify them all. 

  1. Cancel Unnecessary Subscriptions/extra bills

This one may be hard for some. But when times get rough, you have to do what you have to do. Look through your expenses and see what you can get rid of. Cable? Internet? Subscription Boxes? Figure out what you can live without and CANCEL it! Prioritizing your bills really helps with this. 

For me, I cut out Wifi. I know, that’s crazy. But at the time, I wasn’t home much to use it. I had a hotspot on my phone in case I just HAD to get on the computer for a minute, but other than that, it wasn’t necessary. I would go to a coffee shop or library if I need to do something on the computer. Since I cut out wifi, I cut off netflix too. I had basic cable included in my apartment and a DVD player with a plentiful amount of movies to watch. This cut out about $75 a month for me. May not seem like much, but when you’re going bill to bill, anything helps. 

  1. Apply for Help

This is the tip with the most work involved. However, it may also be the most helpful. Apply for government benefits. Not everyone will qualify but it doesn’t hurt to apply and see. I am in no way supporting just living off these benefits. But if you are working and still just can’t make it all work, this is a great option. 

During my roughest years, I got help with food stamps and medical insurance. I cried the first time I used my food stamps card. I felt so ashamed and thought I would be judged by others since I had them. But, I needed to feed my child and myself. It was a weight lifted off my shoulders to know I didn’t have to worry about where our next meal would come from. For medical insurance, I only used it for my son. Through one of my jobs, I provided myself insurance but just couldn’t afford to add a dependent to it. 

There are resources for food, medical, childcare, housing, extra help for bills- there are options out there to help people, just do a little bit of research on your options. For this suggestion, do what works for you and your needs. It may not be an option for everything, but a good thing to look into. 

Have more tips and tricks to save money RIGHT NOW!? I’d love to hear what you have done to cut costs! Comment below or email me personally!! These are just some ways that I have used to help me out in a crunch. I’d love to hear other ways!

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